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Hello, I'm Kirstin! 

Why Southmere?

About me

My parents named the house, where I grew up in, Southmere, and that is where my story starts. This is the place where I first read stories, explored, and fell in love with photography. Throughout our time together, I hope to put you at ease and give a sense of home, allowing your personality to warm the photograph.  

I have been an artist at heart since I was a child. Originally from Florida, I moved to the Shoals area in Alabama with my husband, Seth, shortly after I graduated from The Art Institute of Tampa with a degree in Digital Photography. On an off day you can find me reading in a local coffee shop, hiking the TVA trails, rewatching The Office, or exploring the surrounding area.

For me, photography is about who or what is represented and it goes deeper than just getting a good exposure. There is a story to be told and I strive to weave narrative into my work. People are full of stories, which is why I love to photograph them. My promise to all my clients is to exercise my utmost creativity and skill. Photography is a medium for me to share stories, whether that story is mine or yours! 

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