An Artist's Reflections

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Ron Goulet is an artist based in Nokomis, Florida. I recently had the opportunity to spend time with him in his studio. Throughout the visit, Ron shared his earliest memories of making art, discussed his college experience, his passion for painting, his inspirations, as well as his what he has found to be true in life as an artist.

Ron in his studio.

Below are some of the photos from my visit and a video at the end.

This is Ron outside of his art studio by his home.

Inside Ron's studio, the walls are covered with paintings, most of them his. He had a piece which he is currently working on set up on his easel.

Ron is also a beekeeper, which is what inspired this self portrait.

The painting which he was working on is a portrait of his daughter in law. He had his reference photo on his iPad. Ron said he likes having his reference image on the iPad because he can zoom in and as see it closer, if he would like to.

Ron uses his finger to blend.