At Home with the Spanglers

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Dr. and Mrs. Spangler. This session was relaxed from the beginning, as they welcomed me into their home. As much as I love photographing people in parks or public location, it is always an honor to capture people in their comfortable space; their home, where they feel most themselves.

One of Mrs. Spangler wishes for this session was to capture some of the things that her husband enjoys spending time doing, and one of those is his love of music. Dr. Spangler played the piano and later the guitar. This was hands down my favorite moment, because Dr. Spangler spontaneously began singing and it was the sweetest thing.

Before we wrapped up the session, I asked if they happened to have a wedding photo around and they did. I love photos, old and new, (bet you couldn’t have pegged that one on me, huh?), so I appreciated seeing this old photo of them on their wedding day.

It was special thing to witness and devotion to each other now, while seeing a memory from the day they made their marriage vows.

Now that’s what I call #RelationshipGoals, wouldn't you agree?

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