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Lifestyle of the Modern Businesswoman

Ever wondered what the lifestyle of a modern businesswoman looks like? You might get a look into it from this branding session. Albuquerque based photographer and entrepreneur, Leigh Mahnesmith hired me to create some content photos of her to share with her clients and followers. Leigh owns Beautiful You Images, a company which specializes in female portraiture and makes photographs to celebrate the many season's of a woman's life. Leigh's days are filled with making stunning images for her clients, networking, and sharing lifestyle tips for clientele on her youtube channel. She also has personal photography projects, which she exhibits in art shows. These projects usually incorporate elaborate makeup and fashion elements. Leigh loves fashion, art, and truly has a passion for her job! My aim was to capture her personality and her passion in these branding images. Our session took place in Birmingham and we walked to a few different locations and even dodged some rain! We stopped in the Urban Standard and Charm on 2nd to get some fitting environments.

"I was a bit nervous as I am usually on the other side of the camera. Not only did Kirstin

make me feel very comfortable, but she understood my vision as well. The places she

chose were absolutely perfect!" -Leigh

"I am not a model so was a bit nervous about how I did. I was blown away when I saw the images! I even asked her what she did to make me look like a fashion diva! She responded that it was all me. I disagree a bit here as it was her knowledge of the perfect locations, lighting, and how she posed me that

really made the images stand out. I can’t stop talking about my experience!"

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